World Testimony to Methodology

A World testimony to methodology



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Following the end of the June/July 07 competition, I received a message from Daniels Trading as follows:
From: jkaminecki
Date: 4 Aug 2007 07:31
Subject: Re: FX announces final results – top 3 winners first round
To: aWang
Cc: rayB <>

Hello Ana,

It became such an exciting competition during the final weeks!

The great part about the competition is that both the finalists really had to strategize
during the final week and bring out the best in everyone’s ability.

No matter who finished with a higher percentage on the date of July 31st, you and Ray
set the standard for everyone to follow. Also, with a 70% return on your initial
investment over two months, you have to be excited about the results your trading
methodology produced.

SmartInvestor featured our mentor’s article entitled: A Real-World Testimony to My Ideas in the September 07 issue, which is attached together with Daniels Trading competition results.


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