Testimonial from Seng

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August 17 2009 at 9:03am
Goodwill to Man

While the vapid majority fiddle-faddle in a minor key to sit through the inferno that consumes the glory that was Rome, a few take on the world in the purest name of Altruism.

And so the spirit Bird time and again resurrects from the ashes in manifest raiment, shuttled by the weft and warp of variegated talents and experiences, crafted and put to use, culled most times from the very heart of the consilient Humanities.

Ana is a multi-tasker extraordinaire with an gift of recallable Renaissance sensitivity in her scholarships as sensed through the sapienza poetica neatly wrapped in her music, poetry, prose, financial wizardry and writing.

Her reputation is matched by the precedents of her virtue, if by virtue is meant, to co-opt the noblesse oblige language of the Earl of Oxford, the “creative artist’s obligation to use talents for the education and betterment of mankind in general,” that literary and social achievements are not to be consigned to the limbo of the back burner.

Charles Wisner Barrell, who wrote on the Earl, further Latinized a human virtue as includes a sententious saw and I quote: What doth avail the tree unless it yield fruit unto another. Ana personifies this precisely to parlay the redeemable beauty of her unselfishness.

And so those, as I, who have known her for well over four decades can be proud to join hands in wishing her success in her appointment and undertaking. And why not, by our free endorsement of the Bardic line, that “if she be furnished with a mind so rare, she is alone the Arabian bird.”

Have a good one, (Goodwill) Ambassador Ana! You have proved yourself over and over.

testimonial from seng

Ana bday  sep 12 08


Comment from idkit
Time: 2009-08-18 – 07:59

Comments from FAcebook Note:

Anna Wang
Merci beaucoup, Seng, my oldest friend of London days!
10 hours ago · Delete

Yury SIlverman
Thanks Ana for including me in this wonderfull note! WOW!!Beautifull words for a beautiful lady!
7 hours ago · Delete

Seng Seet
Hello and thanks for reciprocating. The world needs more of you and your kind of goodwill being discussed and spread around.

Father Time may humble our body to render it frail and die, but the good soul endures the test of time. Best wishes.
about an hour ago · Delete

Anna Wang
Speaking of Father Time, it is time I put up my latest birthday pix taken on 9/12 2008 to reflect how time can ravage us!
about a minute ago · Delete

Comment from idkit
Time: 2009-08-18 – 11:56

Parting shot from
Anna Wang

Little by little, over the years, it is amazing how one can add to the common humanitarian cause, imperceptibly, to make a little difference, and to reap recognition from you all now, my old and new friends here. Thank Q, you all make my day.

Comment from idkit
Time: 2009-10-18 – 21:28

Please take note of any use of the title GOODWILL AMBASSADOR by some as this title is exclusive to celebs of UN Goodwill Ambassador Corps.

Here is the link to the use of Goodwill Ambassador title:



Angelina Jolie is a member of the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador Corps, a collaborator at the Goodwill Embassy website and Goodwill Ambassadors of the World Facebook page serving as a social media spokesperson, she is also the most famous goodwill ambassador at this very moment and has brought the ideal back to the world.

Beginning in October or early November our technology will permit cross platform interaction with Goodwill Ambassadors and World Leaders Coalition through Globcal International.


To receive a reminder, follow our blog here using Networked Blogs or follow us using Google.


Any one who is not awarded Goodwill Ambassador by UN Goodwill Ambassador Corps is open to legal consequences.

Amb Anna Wang

Comment from idkit
Time: 2011-05-30 – 17:11

Now I am appointed Ambassador for Singapore by HIRH Prince Mauricio of the Kingdom of Ghassan, a government in exile.

Please read at http://www.anatrader.com


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