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My review of NOT (RayB) at Wilki/stc/

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Submitted by anatrader on Sat, 11/10/2007 – 22:28.  From Wilki/stc/

To All Students of Mentor Ray

I have just finished reading the new The Nature of Trends just soft
launched here by Wiley in conjunction with two seminars run by SI and

The new revised version is more reader-friendly as the first edition
was written with his mentor students in mind.

I highly recommend you to buy a copy and to internalize it as your
bible of trading.

My frank review is attached together with some pages of the two books
for your information and comparison.

Happy reading!

Attachment Size
The Nature of Trends Ray v Wiley versions.doc 25.5 KB
The Nature of Trends – 2 edition.PDF 1.85 MB
Nature of Trends 1 ed RBarros.PDF

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