Celebrate Verdi’s 200 th anniversary in 2013

Arts Hse.



Gilda Gelati, the prima Ballerina of La Scala in Milan will be performing with Massimiliano Finazzer Flory, in “The Betrothed” (I Promessi Sposi) by Alessandro Manzoni. This incredible and unique theatrical experience combining music, theatre and ballet is brought to the Sunshine Coast by The Italian School Committee for one night only. “The Betrothed”, with music from Verdi, Bellini, Mascagni, Paganini, Berio and Rota, started touring in the US, Canada and Argentina in 2011.


Their Australian Tour takes in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, with the one window of opportunity to visit the Sunshine Coast on Friday 24th August, commencing at 8.15pm at the Coolum Civic Centre, Park Street.
The Performance is in Italian with English supertitles and runs for approx. 80 minutes.


The plot in a nutshell


In the seventeenth century, beneath the mountains surrounding Lake Como in Northern Italy, a young couple on the eve of their wedding discover that the local tyrant has designs on the girl. While famine and plague decimate an exploited, oppressed people, their story takes on Shakespearian overtones. Lucia becomes acquainted with the horrors of abduction and imprisonment, Renzo with the anguish of condemnation and exile. A happy ending? Possibly. But what is for sure, is that the end of the plague, the young couple’s marriage and the merest hint of their later life, inspired a whole nation to ask questions of its present, and imagine that different future might be possible.


Chapters 1-8: Flight from the village

A view of the Lake Como, chapter 1, engraving by Francesco Gonin (1808-1889).

Renzo and Lucia, a couple in an unnamed Lombard village near Lake Como, are planning to wed on 8 November 1628. The parish priest, Don Abbondio, is walking home on the eve of the wedding when he is accosted by two “bravoes” (thugs) who warn him not to perform the marriage, because the local baron (Don Rodrigo) has forbidden it.

When he presents himself for the wedding ceremony, Renzo is amazed to hear that the marriage is to be postponed (the priest didn’t have the courage to tell the truth). An argument ensues and Renzo succeeds in extracting from the priest the name of Don Rodrigo. It turns out that Don Rodrigo has his eye on Lucia and that he had a bet about her with his cousin Count Attilio.



I Promessi Sposi – Opera Moderna – Atto I






LA TRAVIATA – Drinking Song



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